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QAD - Engineering success next to the University of Limerick

QAD has been in Limerick since 1998. The company provides next generation Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions in the Cloud. It serves the Automotive, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, High Tech, Industrial and Life Science verticals.

QAD’s global headquarters is in Santa Barbara, where it has close links to the University of California, Santa Barbara. In choosing an Irish hub, the proximity to the University of Limerick (UL) was a significant factor. The company recruits regularly from UL, and says its graduates continue to bring new ideas and energy to its teams.

A launchpad for business in Europe

QAD’s largest Research and Development team in Europe is in Limerick. The Limerick R&D teams cover: quality, performance, deployment and financials teams and make up about 80% of the workforce there. Other roles at the office include HR, fulfillment activities, IT, and internal development.

As the EU’s sole English-speaking country, Ireland is well placed as a bridge between the US and Europe. Nearby, Shannon Airport provides the business with convenient connections to both the US and European markets. As a result of the type of work that happens locally, QAD’s recruitment at graduate level is mostly people flowing from the university, but at a more senior level there are people moving home to Limerick after building a career in Dublin, Europe or the US.

Paul Newton, Senior Director at QAD said, “Limerick is a place that helps QAD bridge into Europe. Executives from Head Office and other regions find Limerick friendly and feel embraced by the local community. IDA Ireland has been a strong partner and considerably helped with highlighting the benefits of being based in both Ireland and Limerick. We can see more and more companies choosing Limerick in the coming years.”

“During 2019 we moved from Hamilton House to Clive House. We worked closely with Fine Grain in the full fit out of the new site. The move has been very successful and we've received great feedback from the team. I expect QAD to continue to grow in Limerick for many years. We look forward to returning to the office and continuing as part of the Fine Grain property community.”

Colin MacDonald, Founder and CEO of Fine Grain Property, said “When the successful QAD team outgrew their offices in one of our properties at Plassey Business Campus, we worked with them to design and fit out a brand new office right next door – building success!”