How FileCloud and Fine Grain are building brighter futures in Limerick

(Pictured: Brian Cahill, MD FileCloud EMEA Office and Kevin Conlon, Head of Client Relations, Fine Grain)

Property is a people business. The bricks, mortar, glass and steel of our modern, spacious facilities form the bones around which we build our world-class workplace community, but it’s the people who work there that make them what they are.

The arrival of security software specialist FileCloud at Plassey Business Campus in Limerick demonstrates this perfectly. The Texas-based company is now running its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) operations from Hamilton House 2 at the business campus and plans to establish an R&D centre there, creating 50 new jobs over the next three years.

Limerick: a rich seam of talent
This is great news for Limerick. FileCloud’s decision to use the city as the base for its EMEA expansion is testament to the city’s thriving community of tech, life science and financial service companies, great transport links, shops, cafes, restaurants and sports facilities. Most of all, it’s proof of Limerick’s greatest power: the talented people who live and learn here.

Having a regional HQ and R&D Centre at Plassey Business Campus gives FileCloud a unique opportunity to interact with that talent. Plassey is a stone’s throw from the University of Limerick and Technological University of Shannon (TUS) Moylish Campus. Both run world-class computer science and other tech-related graduate courses.

Fostering the next generation of talent

FileCloud’s arrival at Plassey marks a homecoming for the company’s CEO and serial tech entrepreneur Ray Downes, who hails from Limerick and studied at the Limerick Institute of Technology. A key draw for Ray is having TUS and the University of Limerick on his doorstep, giving the company access to highly skilled graduates as it develops its R&D Centre.

This is a great example of what we mean when we use the phrase ‘Workplace Community’. Our workplaces are so much more than office blocks; they form integral parts of the wider communities in which they sit. 

Plassey Business Campus: a thriving workplace community

It is therefore crucial that FileCloud’s Plassey site is seen as an attractive place to be by prospective employees. That’s where we come in. Fine Grain own and manage more than 200,000 sq ft of quality office space in landscaped grounds with access to the University of Limerick’s cafes, restaurants, shopping and a state-of-the-art sports centre.

As a company that’s operated with a fully remote team since its inception, FileCloud’s new base at Plassey will serve as a hub for its widespread EMEA team to meet and collaborate. It’s therefore crucial that we, as FileCloud’s landlord, offer flexible space that can meet the company's needs and allow it to maintain great connectivity. Our ability to do this is a key draw for our clients.

FileCloud is in good company at Plassey. Its neighbours include German tech giant BOSCH, who also chose to site its new R&D centre at Plassey earlier this year, Xperi, Kneat Solutions and QAD. Plassey’s communal areas and open, green spaces allow staff, thoughts and ideas from all to mix and interact.

Why property is a people business

This is what I mean when I say that property is a people business. These days, when we have companies visiting us from around the world, often the company’s HR Director will play a key role in choice of location. This is because successful businesses recognise that the workplaces they provide play a key role in their ability to attract and retain talent.

Over the next three years, FileCloud plans to significantly increase its footprint at Plassey as its EMEA operations grow. Fine Grain Property will work with FileCloud to provide that space to ensure the company’s success. In doing so, we’ll also be playing our own small part in the continued success of Limerick. It’s a part we’re proud to play. 

kevin-conlonFor further information, please contact:

Kevin Conlon
Head of Client Relations


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