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    Interview with Fine Grain Property CEO

Fine Grain connects with Irish Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Irish Chamber of Commerce, Singapore kicked off the first interview of their new sponsor series with Fine Grain Property's CEO, Colin MacDonald.

Colin, who has previously served as a long-standing President to the Irish Chambers in Singapore, caught up with incumbent President, Kate Simpson to speak about the key success factors of investing, why real estate is just not a commodity, finding the right opportunities at the right time and why he sees Ireland like Singapore as one ‘large city’.

Having founded Fine Grain Property in Singapore in 2007, Colin has since led its successful commercial property investment and development business in Singapore and Ireland. Colin is a well-respected figure in the Irish community in Singapore, having been a president to both the Irish Chamber and The Ireland Funds Singapore, and has over 30 years of banking and real estate experience in Asia and Europe.

Fine Grain Property's business park property portfolio across Ireland consists of almost one million square feet of commercial real estate, worth in excess of €220 million, and hosting more than 60 clients from large international and domestic businesses.  

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