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Colin MacDonald on the Breakfast Huddle, MoneyFM 89.3

Colin MacDonald, Group CEO of Fine Grain Property, was featured as a guest speaker on The Breakfast Huddle, a segment on Singapore’s business and finance radio station, Money FM 89.3. The segment, which focuses on the companies to watch and top business stories internationally, has featured guest speakers including Piyush Gupta (CEO of DBS Bank) and Loh Boon Chye (CEO of the Singapore Stock Exchange) amongst others.

Listen here: https://omny.fm/shows/money-fm-893/the-breakfast-huddle-investing-in-ireland-property

Money FM Picture

From left to right: Yasmin Jonkers (Co-host of The Breakfast Huddle), Colin MacDonald (Group CEO of Fine Grain Property) and Elliot Danker (Co-host of The Breakfast Huddle).