• Plassey

Fine Grain’s Team Virtual “Off-Site” Event


At Fine Grain Property, we are committed to building great workplace communities, starting with our own team! Fine Grain’s twice-yearly team ‘off-site’ on 30th April was a new experience – as the entire event was a virtual one.

Working from home, our focus more than ever is on wellness, nutrition and fitness “mens sana in corpore sano”.

We learned about fuelling our bodies effectively throughout the day, smart fitness, and practical tips on boosting our health, immunity and energy while working from home. This was facilitated by Nutrition and Fitness coach, Alva O’Sullivan (alvaosullivan.com) who ran the wellness workshop for us, along with a Pilates Stretch ‘Deskercise’ workout. We even managed to have a team bake-off in the middle of the day – using one of Alva’s super-healthy recipes, of course.

Later in the day, attention shifted to training on effective communication with each other, our clients, and our other stakeholders. A series of highly enjoyable role plays provided some fascinating insights, based on our experience in recent months.

What our team said: “The team learned a lot from the focus on nutrition, the ‘deskercise’ workout was both good fun and a great stretch – and our bake-off using one of Alva’s recipes was brilliant! The fun and learning were undiminished by the virtual nature of the event”.

And what Alva said about us: “What a great day working with the energised team in Fine Grain Property today. It was a real pleasure to work with such a dynamic company that places a high value on the health and the well-being of their people, particularly in these times.”

By being well together, and wishing well to those around us, we can continue our work as a reliable, effective and collaborative partner with our partners and clients.