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Fine Grain Sponsors Event with Shannon Chamber of Commerce and McKinsey & Company


During a whistle-stop tour of the four stages of COVID-19 – the situation now, scenarios and path forward, planning ahead across multiple horizons and transitioning to the next normal at a Shannon Chamber webinar held earlier this month, the managing partner of McKinsey & Company’s Dublin office, Sorcha McKenna, presented a number of well-researched scenarios. For a link to the Webinar click here.

Ms. McKenna began the discussion advising companies to analyse the depth of the disruption on their businesses, the behavioural shift in demand for their products or services and how people will react generally in the transition period, Ms. McKenna said that it is important to look at changes in market outlook by industry.

Stating that some industries, such as high-tech and pharma have not suffered much if any impact, others, including commercial aerospace, air and travel and oil and gas have been adversely affected and will need strong government support to get them through to some form of recovery.

“We are living through an unprecedented disaster, which will have a long-lasting impact on global and local economies. We are now at the tipping point. Collectively, we have to re-imagine what the future might look like” said McKenna.

Commenting after the webinar, Fine Grain Property’s CEO Colin MacDonald described it as informative, challenging, and comprehensive. Adding: “The impact of COVID-19 is a global shared experience. It is affecting businesses in all sectors and at many levels. What is very notable amongst the business community is a commendable willingness to move away from an introspective stance to working collaboratively to share experiences and potential solutions. This crisis has truly redefined the workplace community. The insights shared at the webinar will greatly benefit us all.”

Fine Grain Property and Shannon Chamber of Commerce were able to round up 300 registrants from across the globe including attendees from Ireland, Singapore, and the US.

Fine Grain Property will be sponsoring a further event hosted by Shannon Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday June 3rd. Julie Sinnamon, CEO of Enterprise Ireland, will be leading discussions as she talks about Enterprise Ireland’s national and regional strategy as well the recently announced Future Mobility Campus being developed in Shannon. To learn more and to register for this free event, please click here.