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The Winning Formula

September 2018: The Winning Formula – How is Limerick attracting more foreign businesses then 250 other European cities?
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September 2018: Celebrating 11 Years

Fine Grain Property celebrated its 11th anniversary at the Tower Club in Singapore on Thursday with a gathering attended by Ambassador to Ireland, Pat Bourne together with friends, partners and investors. Visiting from Ireland, Declan O’Connor, Property Director, spoke about the progress that the experienced team there has made towards building an investment grade portfolio of industrial, logistics, and business park properties.

To date, Fine Grain has committed more than €100 million to the Irish market, and the growing property portfolio now comprises 10 buildings, providing more than 500,000 sq ft of high quality workspace to multinational employers across Ireland. The team’s focus on meeting end user needs is yielding returns, both in terms of tenant satisfaction, and investment gains.

During the course of the evening, Grainne O’Brien, Head of Investments, announced a distribution of profits from one of Fine Grain’s earlier strategic real estate projects, so the mood amongst our valued stakeholders was suitably festive!

As the business marks another year of progress, Fine Grain Property remains committed to its key principles – a reliable, effective, and collaborative real estate investor and operator, generating investment returns through its passion for delivering great workspaces to employers. We work with a wide range of sophisticated international and Irish investors who share our investment philosophy and approach, and our anniversary provides an annual opportunity to express our appreciation for the continued support of our trusted stakeholders and partners.

Now – after the celebration, straight back to business – rolling our sleeves up to buy well, manage well, and sell well!

Parkmore Completion Event

June 2018: Parkmore Completion Event. On Thursday 28 June we celebrated the completion of our building in Parkmore East Business Park. It was a beautiful summer's day and we were delighted to be joined once again by Minister of State, Ciarán Cannon who had helped us to launch the construction of the building in September 2017.
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