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Building 5200, Cork Airport Business Park

January 2018: Acquisition – Building 5200, Cork Airport Business Park
New Year, new acquisition! Fine Grain Property is delighted to announce it has acquired a 60,000 square feet office development in Cork Airport Business Park. Plans are already afoot to carry out some important improvements to the Building that will benefit its existing tenants, including Aviva, Aon Hewitt, JLT and Genesis.
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Some Christmas Cheer

December 2017: Some Christmas Cheer
Tuesday 12 December we hosted over 60 colleagues, investors and guests to celebrate a very successful year. The venue was the Constitution room in the Shelbourne hotel, a suitably festive location for our annual Christmas drinks.
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Athlone makes the front page of Singapore’s Business Times!

November 2017: Singapore invests in Ireland
Located in the heart of Ireland, Athlone is a beautiful town on the banks of the River Shannon. Whilst the Irish countryside may be renowned in Singapore for its scenery and world class golf courses, it is also home to many of the worlds’ largest corporations, who choose Ireland as a hub for Europe, for many of the same reasons they choose Singapore in Asia.
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