Declan O’Connor

Declan O'Connor

Head of Property

Declan O’Connor leads the Fine Grain Property real estate team.

Before joining Fine Grain Property, Declan was a Project Director at ESB, the leading Irish utility provider, where he led the development and delivery of renewable generation projects. He began his career working internationally with well-established building and engineering companies focusing on the development, completion and handover of complex projects to clients in Australia and the UK.

Declan has a breadth of experience in identifying and purchasing property, working with teams of professionals to develop programmes and designs to deliver bespoke workspaces to satisfied clients and their employees.

Declan’s project delivery knowledge and experience combined with his desire to build strong and lasting client relationships has been at the root of his achievements in the commercial real estate sector. He is always searching for ways to innovate and provide exceptional customer service.

Declan has a degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Ireland, an MBA from Trinity College Dublin and a CIMA advanced diploma in Management Accounting.

Declan enjoys mountain running and exploring the world with his family.