Our Properties

The Fine Grain Way is the philosophy behind our approach to long-term, collaborative client relationships. It involves listening to our clients’ needs and delivering tailored workplace solutions on time, on budget, and to the highest of standards.

Ireland is home to global leaders across industries including Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Manufacturing, Financial Services, Aviation, and many more. Fine Grain Property provides great workplace communities to help these leaders to build success, close to third level institutions, with excellent infrastructure and with access to talented people.

The Fine Grain Property portfolio comprises buildings across Ireland, in some of the largest and most well-connected business parks in the country. As well as established facilities, our strategy pinpoints overlooked and underinvested properties, which we develop according to specific client needs. A Fine Grain Property building delivers high quality workspace, facilities and surroundings, which encourage the growth of great workplace communities.

Conversations with clients in a variety of industry sectors have shown us the importance of being able to accommodate growth. ‘5 to 50 to 500’ accurately describes how companies scale up, and they want to know that their workspace can adapt to meet their growth needs.

We are committed to sustainability, and new developments are built to LEED (Leadership in Energy And Environmental Design) standards – a rating system that certifies sustainable buildings.

If you are an Irish or international business who is growing in Ireland, and needs a reliable, effective and collaborative real estate partner, get in touch with us here.