Join Fine Grain Property in Supporting Alone Ireland

May 2020: Join Fine Grain Property in Supporting Alone Ireland.

ALONE supports and empowers older people to age happily and securely at home, supporting individuals and their families and campaigning nationwide to improve their lives.

At Fine Grain Property, we’re committed to building great workplace communities, which are an integral part of the wider communities in which we live and work.

Towards the end of last year, (along with two of my colleagues,) myself, Kevin Conlon and Louise Carton volunteered to lead a search for a social organisation with whom our team could join forces, to give something back, outside of a business context, and to continue our team-building journey. We sought to identify the best possible fit between the Fine Grain team and our chosen organisation so we could forge a real, meaningful and long-lasting partnership.

After several months of search, involving visits to a number of truly inspiring social organisations, we found a great fit – ALONE.

ALONE works with persons over 60, whose personal circumstances might lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation and could result in homelessness, poverty, or other difficulties. The charity, alongside its volunteers, works to improve the lives of those it supports by finding long term solutions which they can buy into and benefit from. The organisation’s vision is to ensure that every older person has the opportunity to age happily and securely in a home environment.

Now more than ever, Alone is playing a vital role in the lives of older people, with volunteers across the country delivering groceries, prescriptions, fuel, or providing telephone support.

We’re strong advocates for workplace community, for workspace environments, facilities and surroundings that boost employee satisfaction, making people’s working lives better. This aligns perfectly with ALONE’s goal of making people’s later lives better. It was not an easy decision when you consider the wide variety of worthy and deserving causes out there. However, we were all agreed that ALONE, in the way it operates and the potential for hands on involvement opportunities, would be a great partner for Fine Grain Property.

As we take the first steps in our ongoing association with ALONE Ireland, myself and my colleagues are rolling up our sleeves to get involved in volunteering, fundraising and raising awareness of the organisation amongst the friends of Fine Grain.

Please join us in donating to, or volunteering for this very worthy cause. For further information about ALONE, the work it does and how it operates, you can visit their website at To learn more or to make a donation, click here.