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Building Success for our Clients

About Fine Grain

Fine Grain Property is an Irish-owned international business park investor and operator, founded in 2007, with a portfolio of 14 properties across Ireland, valued at more than €190 million. We offer close to 1 million sq. ft. of workspace, hosting more than 7,000 employees from large international and domestic businesses.

Our clients are global multinational and domestic employers.  The Fine Grain Property team listens to clients, to create great working environments, which help those businesses to attract and retain talent, boosting employee engagement to focus on meeting the needs of their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

We strive to be an employer who cultivates a driven team, sets our employees up for every success and delivers growth and ongoing opportunities for our employees to achieve their ambitions.

We aim to hire, nurture and cultivate the best talent and build happy, energized workplace communities.

Join the Team

Fine Grain Property is a great workplace community.

We hire and nurture exceptional people and understand the importance of individual career development.

We focus on coaching in a team environment and believe ongoing team development is at the core of business success.  We aim to build industry leaders.

We operate in an open and trusting environment and have a culture of challenge, respect and high performance.  The business operates on the core principles of being reliable, effective and collaborative in all that we do.


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You're in good company

We pride ourselves on our effective communication, excellence of service and record of client loyalty and referrals.

Our purpose is to be an employer of choice to make our business better, and generate the expected level of investment return and profitability, by delivering great workplace communities, through a happy energetic team.

We recognise that the business is built on the individual success of each team member, and our goal is to develop each individual as a leader in their own right.  We set employees up for success and are confident that they will achieve excellence in their career as a result of our dynamic and ambitious environment.

At Fine Grain Property, we are part of something special, with a clear sense of purpose.  We are building a unique business which delivers results in a high tempo, enjoyable professional atmosphere.

In order to build success and create great workplace communities, we want to get the right people on board, train and develop our teams and get the right people into the right seat.