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Real Estate Investment

  • FGPO Ireland Fund II

    FGPO Ireland Fund II

    FGPO Ireland Fund II was launched in November 2017 targeting investments in the industrial, logistics and business park sector...

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  • FGPO Ireland Fund

    FGPO Ireland Fund

    The FGPO Ireland Fund (the “Fund”), a sub-fund of the Majulah ICAV, an umbrella fund with segregated liabilities between sub-funds,…

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  • Fine Grain Property Consortium (S) Pte Ltd

    Fine Grain Property Consortium (S) Pte Ltd

    In 2007, Fine Grain Property established Fine Grain Consortium – a tax-efficient, low-cost investment consortium for a group of international…

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  • FGPO (Singapore) Ltd

    FGPO (Singapore) Ltd

    FGPO (Singapore) was established in 2013, with a focused investment strategy to exploit a niche in the Singapore commercial property…

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