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Block G, East Point, Dublin

Eastpoint Dublin


Block G, East Point is located on the beautifully landscaped grounds of East Point Business Park, Dublin’s only urban business park. It is situated in a prime and accessible location a short 10 minute drive from Dublin's Central Business District.

Block G, East Point is well positioned to support the growth of an ambitious company. Tenants are part of a network of more than 50 multinational, Fortune 500 and domestic companies operating in the East Point Business Park.

Premium OfficeGreat Location

Block G, East Point is a 3 story building with over 26,000 square feet of high quality office accommodation. Tenants have access to high speed, secure, and reliable data connectivity.

Employees have access to the on site sports facilities, which include a tennis court and a 5 aside soccer pitch.

There are many cafés and restaurants to choose from, as well as nearby bars for after work socialising.

With views of the waterfront, an urban environment and on site sports facilities, Block G East Point lends itself to the contemporary employee's lifestyle needs.


Block G, East Point is easily accessible by public transport. The Luas & Dart rapid transit systems are a short 10 minute walk away. Located at a key road transport hub, the Business Park is situated adjacent to the M50 and the Port Tunnel. It is easily accessible via the Eastlink toll bridge.

Block G, East Point is located next to Dublin Port and is a 15 minute drive to Dublin airport, connecting tenants to Europe and beyond.

Dublin is Ireland’s primary education hub.  Internationally renowned institutions such as Trinity College Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons and University College Dublin are amongst the numerous universities and third level institutions located in the area.

Neighbors in East Point Business Campus include Google, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Enterprise Ireland, Oracle and Virgin Media.

Employee FocusedVibrant Community

Block G, East Point is fully leased. No space is currently available.

Key Tenants: Activision Blizzard Ltd; MiSYS International Banking Systems Ltd; Red C Research & Marketing Limited.

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