Fine Grain Property | Radio Interview: Colin MacDonald Discusses Irish Real Estate on Singapore's MoneyFM 89.3

Radio Interview: Colin MacDonald Discusses Irish Real Estate on Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3

9 Apr 2018: Colin MacDonald on The Breakfast Huddle, MoneyFM 89.3
Colin MacDonald, Group CEO of Fine Grain Property, was featured as a guest speaker on The Breakfast Huddle, a segment on Singapore’s business and finance radio station, Money FM 89.3. The segment, which focuses on the companies to watch and top business stories internationally, has featured guest speakers including Piyush Gupta (CEO of DBS Bank) and Loh Boon Chye (CEO of the Singapore Stock Exchange) amongst others.

Listen here:

Colin, who has over 29 years of international banking and real estate experience in Asia, spoke about Ireland’s growing economy, and the real estate sector from the perspective of an Asia based commercial property investor.

Fine Grain Property is a successful international real estate investor and operator. Investing in Singapore and Ireland, Fine Grain seeks to breathe new life into overlooked or underinvested commercial properties and land, through selective acquisitions and end user-focused repositioning or development strategies. With an established team on the ground in Ireland, Fine Grain is building a portfolio of industrial, logistics, and business park properties, focused on creating workspaces for the many employers who are choosing Ireland as their base in Europe.

The Irish economy remains as the fastest growing economy in the European Union. The country has enviable demographics, with a young, well-educated population and the highest birth rate in Western Europe. As such, Ireland is a key location for foreign direct investment, serving as the European Headquarters of choice for over 1,000 giants in information and communications technology, social media, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

Fine Grain is committed to providing spaces across Ireland to facilitate the employment growth which is surging in the country. To this end, Fine Grain works closely with Irish Government bodies such as IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland which are government bodies responsible for foreign direct investment and supporting the growth of Irish businesses, along with Ireland’s sovereign development fund, ISIF, who has invested with Fine Grain in the firm’s Irish investments.

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