Athlone makes the front page of Singapore’s Business Times!

November 2017: Athlone makes the front page of Singapore’s Business Times!

Located in the heart of Ireland, Athlone is a beautiful town on the banks of the River Shannon. Whilst the Irish countryside may be renowned in Singapore for its scenery and world class golf courses, it is also home to many of the worlds’ largest corporations, who choose Ireland as a hub for Europe, for many of the same reasons they choose Singapore in Asia.

Singapore’s business daily, The Business Times, published a front page report this week on a ‘nascent, but growing’ trend for Singapore real estate operators and investors to participate in the Irish property market, bringing patient, long term capital, and international real estate relationships and skills to the rapidly growing Irish economy.

The article noted that Singapore companies are developing offices in central Dublin (, building and operating data centres (, and acquiring and repositioning hotels (

Recently, GIC (, the Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund, acquired a 10% stake in the IPO of a newly listed Irish residential property developer. Meanwhile, ISIF, the Irish Sovereign Wealth Fund (, has invested with Fine Grain Property in providing industrial workspaces across Ireland.

Property is a local business. In addition to having strong roots in both Ireland and Singapore, Fine Grain Property has an experienced team of specialists on the ground in Ireland. This allows Fine Grain to fully understand the needs of growing businesses across the entire country, and tailor property solutions to meet their needs.

Meanwhile in Singapore, the Irish Embassy, IDA Ireland, the Irish Chamber of Commerce, and real estate and construction companies like Fine Grain Property, Kingspan, and CRH are all working to further develop the relationship between these two connected, well-educated, open economies.

….. all of which helps put towns like Athlone into the newspaper in Singapore; not just fertile farmland, and an attractive destination for fishing and golfing, but also a global centre of excellence for companies in the ICT, biomedical, pharmaceutical and other major industries!

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